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REW Music has a long standing tradition with Music Education excellence. We take pride in the success our teachers have with teaching students the fine art of making music and being successful on their instrument. Our students perform with top marks are area and state festivals and competition because our teaching staff is the most qualified in the city! Our instructors are top rated in the Kansas City area! We offer lessons on site at either of our convenient locations in Lenexa, KS and Olathe, KS. 

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WOODWIND - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon
BRASS - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba
ORCHESTRA - Violin, Viola, Cello
GUITAR - Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Ukulele


Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon


Amber graduated with her Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from Wichita State University in 2002. In addition, she earned her Masters in Arts Administration and Music Business from UMKC in 2005. Currently, she is working on her Master of Music Education and Instrumental music at Pittsburgh State University. She has been performing and teaching in the greater Kansas City area for over 5 years, and has been playing her flute for almost 20 years.

BIANCA KUMAR - Oboe & Flute

Bianca - Oboe

Bianca - Flute

My name is Bianca Kumar and I am a woodwind specialist, teacher, and performer in the Greater Kansas City area. I have been playing oboe and flute for the past 13 years, saxophone for 9, and clarinet for 4, so I have first-hand insight on how to adapt between different woodwind instruments. My passion lies in fostering appreciation for music across all genres: classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk, film music, and more. As a teenager, I would run home after school to my piano so I could create and record my own arrangements of TV and film themes, original compositions, and improv tracks. Music is such an important facet of my life and being able to share my knowledge with young students is an exciting privilege. I received degrees in oboe performance from The Ohio State University and UMKC Conservatory of Music, performing in orchestras, bands, chamber ensembles, jazz combos, and Klezmer bands.

LINDSEY KNOX - Oboe & Piano

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KAITLYN GERDE - Clarinet & Saxophone

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KAITLIN MCFADDEN - Clarinet & Saxophone

Hi, I’m Kaitlin McFadden and I’ve been playing the clarinet for the past 15 years and the saxophone for 9. To say that music changed my life sounds dramatic, but it’s true! Being a musician for most of my life has helped me to form friendships and bonds that I know will last a lifetime. I graduated from Friends University of Wichita, KS in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and am returning to school for my Masters of Music Therapy from the University of Kansas. My whole life I’ve felt called to help those around me, and given my passion for music, I wanted to find a way to combine those two things. I am so excited to be teaching private lessons with REW music and look forward to sharing the joys of music with my students.

KAITLYN GERDE - Clarinet & Saxophone

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JACK GORHAM - Saxophone & Flute

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TORI SIMKINS - Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute

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RICK FIRESTONE - Saxophone & beginner Clarinet

Rick Firestone is a current doctoral student studying saxophone performance at UMKC. An active teacher and performer, his studies and performances have taken him across the globe, including sites such as the Université Européenne de Saxophone in Gap, France, the North American Saxophone Alliance National Solo/Chamber Music Competition in Lubbock, Texas, and Carnegie Hall in New York City. As a teacher, Rick aims to introduce students to the inherent versatility of the saxophone while finding what piques each individual student’s interest. Some of his favorite musical composers/artists are Béla Bartók, Sergei Prokofiev, Akropolis Reed Quintet, The Beatles, and Lake Street Drive. In addition to saxophone, Rick enjoys reading, watching reruns of The Office, and finding local coffee shops.

JEFF ACHESON - Clarinet & Saxophone

Music is fun! When I started playing the saxophone at the age of 10, my instructor inspired me to learn many different styles of music and to learn in many different ways. 37 years later, I still have the passion that was instilled into me from my musical experiences. It is my ultimate goal to teach all of my students to love music and be as successful as they can be.

Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba


Music is my favorite form of communication. I find that it is often a way to make sense of feelings you can’t verbalize. My goal is to open up that form of communication for my students. Whether that means they take it to a higher level of performance or they just take it on as a hobby, the goal is to find their own love of music. I graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2017 with a BME. My career goal is to achieve a band director or assistant band director position in the KC area.


Nick Howell is a trumpet player, composer, and teacher. He holds a Bachelor's in Music Education from UMKC. He performs regularly in Kansas City with groups such as The People’s Liberation Big Band, The Good Foot, Sansabelt, and Pitch Music Award-winning The New Riddim.

NATHAN REEVES - Trumpet, Guitar, Ukulele

Greetings! Name’s Nathan Reeves. I am an area music teacher and church arts director. I grew up locally with a steady diet of barbecue, earned my Music Education degree and teaching licensure from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!), and I’m excited to be of service in your musical journey! Time in orchestras, bands, theater groups, “cozy” stages at jam sessions…it’s instilled in me a love for music and the ways that it can be expressed. Come learn the technique, the songs, the tools to succeed on trumpet, guitar, or ukulele, but remember: It’s called “playing” your instrument for a reason. Enjoy what you’re doing!

JENNIFER SHINSKA - Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Originally from New Baltimore, MI, Jennifer is a music educator and performer who has experience teaching students from beginning band to college undergraduates. Her approach to teaching low brass students involves building upon their prior knowledge on their instrument and guides them in achieving their personal goals. Jennifer takes into account the learning styles of each of her students as well as their interests in learning music.

IAN LESTER - Low Brass

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Violin, Viola, Cello

KIMIA EBRAHIMZADEH - Violin & beginner Viola

I started my violin when I was 11-year-old. I’m from Iran and I’ve got my bachelor’s in music from Tehran University of Art. I remember playing in orchestra was so exciting for me, so I tried hard to be in ensembles and orchestras in my home town when I was 14.I have a big journey because of my violin and still love to learn more about this amazing instrument. I moved to USA to improve my experience and knowledge in music. This is all my goal. I’m so glad that I can help everyone who wants to learn violin. Always try to learn new things about music, this clear and pure thing in our life.

ELANA GOLDBERG - Violin & Viola

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LULU - Violin & beginner Viola

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I received my Masters Degree from UMKC Conservatory of Music. Music has been important to me since I was 4 years old, which helps me understand childrens desire to learn music. I love every minute when I play the violin. I have performed in concerts, recitals, and many competitions. I hope I can inspire my students to develop their violin skills and provide oportunities for them to enjoy the music world.


Karianne Waterland has a Music Business degree from William Jewell College in Liberty, MO. Karianne is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and has completed Books 1-3 Teacher Training in the Suzuki Method. She also plays in the Northland Symphony and is Executive Director of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Kansas City. Additionally, Karianne assits with the REW Homeschool Orchestra ensembles.


Matthew Imber has been playing the cello for 16 years. In high school, he was a featured soloist at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He studied the cello and composition at Grinnell College. Back in Kansas City, he likes to introduce young musicians to the possibilities of the cello in different genres and styles, like pop, rock, metal, bluegrass, and jazz. Besides being a classical music nut, he is a Beatle-maniac, history buff, bookworm, and total nerd. His favorite living composers are David Lang, Judd Greenstein, and John Luther Adams. His favorite dead guys are Bach, Shostakovich, and John cage.


Jason's Bio Coming Soon

Mallets & Drums

BRETT BUTLER - Percussion

Hello! My name is Brett Butler and I graduated from Kansas State University in the Spring of 2017. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education with a emphasis on studying percussion! I was born in Shawnee, KS and I am a native of this area. There is not a day that goes by to where I am not playing drums, or have some type of musical beat stuck in my head. Percussion has been a huge part of my life and I am always intrigued by the different timbres percussionists can produce on their instruments. I studied percussion all through my undergraduate at Kansas State, but first started out playing guitar at the age of 7! I played guitar and percussion throughout my years in high school, focusing heavily on studying music. Jazz music has always interested me and I played in a jazz ensemble while finishing high school. Since percussionists have a slew of instruments to learn, it can be overwhelming, but I am very excited to help those students hop over that edge and explore all of the instruments; pitched and non-pitched percussion. Outside of teaching music, I love to perform as a percussionist in the KC Wind Symphony and also learning on how to record music!
Personal Mission Statement - My mission is to guide those in a powerful, exciting, and positive atmosphere while learning about music. I believe that music is a powerful entity itself to challenge individuals to reach higher goals and challenges every day. Music has a way of empowering people to make connections with others around the world. Music teaches students about responsibility, commitment and self discipline to make them into stronger individuals everyday With music all children have the right to learn an instrument and explore their creative surfaces. Music education must be available globally to everyone in a positive direction to advance knowledge of younger generations. My mission is to guide and inspire the younger generations of students to enjoy music, learn the historical connections of music and develop life skills to take onto their future endeavors.

JAMES HARRIS - Percussion

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Native of the area, Christina's love of music began when she studied piano in her childhood. This level of music inspired her to earn her bachelor of music and piano performance and pedagogy from Wichita State University, which she completed in 2013. Vocal music has also been an interest of Christina's for many years. Christina is a current member of the Kansas City Symphony Chorus. Christina wishes to share her love of music through teaching and helping people develop their own talent and passion for music. She welcomes all types of students including the young beginner with the curiosity for music, the high school student looking to improve their vocal technique, and the adult hobbyist who wants to learn something new.

LINDSEY KNOX - Oboe & Piano

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Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Ukulele

TOM NELSON - Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Ukulele

Thomas M. Nelson is a guitarist and composer of contemporary music, born in Kansas City Missouri in 1978. Beginning music lessons at an early age, his formal music education comes from the Paseo Academy of the Fine and Performing Arts and the Conservatory at UMKC. Part of his education included his compositions performed by the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and an educational exchange in Capetown, South Africa. Thomas has been a teacher and performer for over 12 years. In that time, he has performed and taught in a variety of musical genres including classical, jazz, folk, country and rock. Thomas teaches his own method which includes an education in note reading, cords, basic theory and composition. He strives to import a skill set which provides a student with access to music of all genres and an enjoyment of music which can last for the students’ entire lifetime.

JEFF SHIRLEY - Acoustic, Electric Bass, Ukulele

Hi, I'm Jeff Shirley, Kansas City jazz guitarist! Without teaching I would not be the performer I am and without performing I wouldn't be the teacher I am! It's so much fun being a part of the Kansas City music scene, and a part of this great, family-run music company that has a heart for music. I love hearing people grow musically overtime (it does take some time!) And I really like to explain things from the ground up. I think the best approach is to work on the material that the student wants to work on. It's important that practice be fun. It does take hard work, but it should also be fun. So think of a couple songs that you like, and we can focus on those and we will consistently set goals, goals we can achieve!

NATHAN REEVES - Guitar, Ukulele, & Trumpet

Greetings! Name’s Nathan Reeves. I am an area music teacher and church arts director. I grew up locally with a steady diet of barbecue, earned my Music Education degree and teaching licensure from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!), and I’m excited to be of service in your musical journey! Time in orchestras, bands, theater groups, “cozy” stages at jam sessions…it’s instilled in me a love for music and the ways that it can be expressed. Come learn the technique, the songs, the tools to succeed on trumpet, guitar, or ukulele, but remember: It’s called “playing” your instrument for a reason. Enjoy what you’re doing!

JASON EMMOND - Electric Bass

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