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Music is the most diverse language in the world.  Expand your music education with our various groups, classes and clinics we offer. Enhance your private lesson experience or just join us for some fun group jam. There are several opportunities to participate in special groups, clinics, classes and camps through the year. We offer some of the most comprehensive, energetic & engaging Labs through the school year along with Classes and Camps for Summer in the Kansas City area!

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Ukulele Classes

lesson labs

Join us in January to learn Ukulele.

BEGINNER - Tuesdays, January 8-29 | 7:00-8:00pm | Lenexa

INTERMEDIATE - Tuesdays, February 5-26 | 7:00-8:00pm | Lenexa

               Fee: $35 with purchase of Ukulele
                        $50 Without Ukulele Purchase
                                (+ cost of required book)

               SIGN UP: In store or over the phone at 913-894-4349

Lesson Labs

lesson labs

We invite all students whether enrolled in private lessons or not to sign up for any Lab of their choosing. This semester Labs are offered in the format of single individual classes. There is no limit to the number of Lab classes a student may sign up for.  Remember, students already enrolled in the REW School of Music get to sign up for FREE! Students who are not already enrolled at REW can participate for a nominal fee.


JAZZ IMPROV - October 16 | 6:30-7:30pm | Lenexa
     Bass instructor Jason Emmond walks us through the basics of jazz improv, keeping it simple by using rhythmic motifs to build solos.
     This lab is open to beginning improvisers on all instruments.

CLASSICAL AIN'T DEAD - October 22 | 6:30-7:30 | Lenexa
     Join cello instructor and huge music nerd Matt Imber for an exploration of classical music from the last 30 years, by composers who are actually still alive! In this lab, we'll listen to the weirdest music you've ever heard and learn how it works.
     This lab is open to all students on all instruments.

DRUM CIRCLE - October 23 | 6:30-7:30 | Lenexa
     Clarinet and Saxophone instructor Kaitlin McFadden dives into the world of group drumming with this extremely hands-on lab. Use our drums or bring your own!
     This lab is open to all students on all instruments.

BASIC EAR TRAINING - October 29 | 6:30-7:30 | Lenexa
     Saxophone instructor Rick Firestone is our guide through careful listening and identifying notes in this lab focusing on the practical side of music theory skills.
     This lab is open to all students on all instruments.

BASIC RHYTHM - November 6 | 6:30-7:30 | Lenexa
     Percussion instructor James Harris leads this lab focusing on the basics of timing and counting for superior rhythm. NOT JUST FOR DRUMMERS! Open to all musicians!
     This lab is open to all students on all instruments.


               Lesson Lab Fees: FREE for current REW Students
                       $10/student per session not already enrolled at REW

FREE Getting Started Clinic

This FREE clinic is an excellent opportunity for your beginning band or orchestra student to get more attention with an instrument specialist! In each clinic, we will work with your student on how to get a proper sound, correct playing posture, how to clean, how to disassemble, and how to reassemble their instruments. Be sure to bring your instrument and your cleaning kit!

2019 Dates and Times Coming Summer 2019!


Note: We added some additional class times that are not shown on the schedule download PDF

               Fee: FREE

Summer Series: Exploring Instruments Camp

Get a head start! Spend quality time playing on each instrument to get a real feel for what they are like! Students will spend one day each playing the Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone & a String Instrument. This event is open to students who will join band or orchestra for the 1st time in the fall.

Check back for Summer 2019 Dates and Times!

               Fee: $20

Summer Series: Beginning Band

Get a jump on fall! We are going to dive right in and start learning the basics of how to play. So grab your instrument and join us for an interactive hands on experience learning the basics of your instrument.

Check back for Summer 2019 Dates and Times!

               Fee: FREE if you rent your instrument from us.   If not, $50
                       See store for details
NOTE: If you did not register for this class when you rented your instrument you can call to register over the phone to avoid being charged for the class.

Summer Series: PlayOn - Summer Band & Orchestra

School may be out for the summer, but don’t put away your instrument yet! Keep your skills fresh by playing fun music with us every week. Have you attended our PlayOn group before? It is going to look a little different this year – not only will we play all together as a large ensemble, but we will split up into small groups, too! Come play – we can’t wait to start making music together!

Students who have played for 1-2 years (going into 6th or 7th Grade)

Check back for Summer 2019 Dates and Times!

               Fee: $80

Summer Series: Summer Jazz

This year we are taking improvisation in a new direction! Join us in forming a non-traditional big band for a week packed with big fun! We will learn some new tunes and learn how to solo over them. Orchestra students are encouraged to join… jazz improvisation is not just for wind players!

Check back for Summer 2019 Dates and Times!


Summer Series: Pop Ukulele

There is something about the ukulele that just makes you smile! This year we are going to have fun learning to play our favorite popular tunes together. We’ll start with the classics and play our way to the present day. Impress your friends at your next summer cookout! This class is open to all ages, children & adults.

Check back for Summer 2019 Dates and Times!

               Fee: $80 plus book

REW Festival

Open to ALL Students, ALL Abilities, ALL Instruments
Date: March 2019
Location: Lenexa
Who: Open to ALL students
How to Sign Up: At the front counter or call

--What is the REW Festival? The REW Festival is a wonderful opportunity for beginner through advanced students to gain experience performing and receive feedback from one of KC's most respected music educators, Curtis Mulvenon!
--What happens at the Festival? At their designated performance time, each student will perform their song (again, it can be as simple as Hot Cross Buns or as complex as a district/state solo/ensemble selection). The clinician will make notes and comments regarding their performance and then take a few minutes to provide feedback and work with the student in a clinic type setting. When they are done, each student will receive a certificate and ribbon.