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Band & Orchestra Recruiting Materials

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Learn About the Instruments!

Learn about the instruments! (Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Cello) Click on any instrument on this virtual wall and open up a world of information, including an introduction, what it sounds like, what players think is special about each instrument, how each instrument is played, and more!


Choosing Instrument Surveys
These surveys are intended ONLY as a guide or suggestion of where to start for students, and what they may enjoy learning to play. They are not intended to take the place of a face-to-face consultation.

Timbre Survey

The Timbre Survey is a listening activity designed to allow students to hear the instruments and choose the sound they like most, without a visual image that could influence or distract a student from the sound. The two examples played for each instrument are the same music and played in the same style. We did this so that students are comparing the sounds of the instruments and not the songs being played. This is a great launching point when picking an instrument!

    1. Print and distribute the Timbre Survey handout to your students. Click the image below to download the PDF document.
    2. Play the the Timbre Survey audio and have your students fill out the survey following the instructions given in the audio file.

Timbre Survey

Instrument Tendency Survey

This tool helps students choose their instruments based on a survey of personal tendencies.
People who play a certain instrument tend to behave a certain way. Because music educators know this, we thought there should be a survey identifying behaviors which tend to line up with certain instruments. After pulling our information from 3 different dissertations and other resources, we came up with this fun activity. It is designed to be filled out by the PARENT OR GUARDIAN observing their child's behavior. This is a great way to start conversations from student to parent or parent to director about instrumental music! This resource pairs with the Timbre Survey. From this, you can compare the two and have a good idea of what instrument a student may enjoy learning to play.

Click the image below to download the PDF document.
Instrument Tendency Survey


Click below for the Timbre & Tendency Survey Answer Keys (for Educators Use)
Timbre and Instrument Surveys Answer Keys. Click Here.

Videos can be played full screen by clicking the [] icon in the bottom right corner of the video.


  • What Will YOU Play?: A quick look at what it’s like to be in band.
  • The Starting Lineup:What instruments are in the “starting lineup” of the band? This video is a quick introduction to the instruments you can choose from when you join the band.
  • A Look to the Future (parent video): Parents reflect on how band has impacted their students over the years.
  • Where Are They Now? (Band) (parent video): We asked successful adults about their involvement in school band.
  • Where Are They Now? (Orchestra) (parent video) :We asked successful adults about their involvement in school orchestra.
  • All About the Band (“All About That Bass” –Meghan Trainor parody): Encouraging students to join the school band.
  • Orchestra (“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift parody): Encouraging students to join the school orchestra.
  • Exploring Instruments Camp:This video shares the benefits of REW Music’s Exploring Instruments Camp for students ready to choose an instrument to play in school band or orchestra
  • Getting Started Clinic: This clinic teaches students and their parents everything they need to know about their new musical instrument. Music Educators also share why they like the clinic and how it helps them in the school classroom.


These posters feature older students with their instruments. Some feature quotes about why they love being in band or orchestra. We suggest hanging posters in high traffic areas (near the restrooms, drinking fountains, cafeteria, etc) for students to help students get excited about the idea of playing an instrument.

Join Band: Flute
Join the School Band Flute
Join Band: Clarinet
Join the School Band Clarinet
Join Band: Trumpet
Join the School Band Trumpet
Join Band: Trombone
Join the School Band Trombone
Join Band: Group
Join the School Band Group What Will You Play?
What Will You Play? (Band girls)
Join the School Band Girls What Will You Play?
What Will You Play? (Band group)
Join the School Band What Will You Play
What Will You Play: Violin  
Join the School Orchestra Strings What Will You Play Violin
What Will You Play: Viola  
Join the School Orchestra Strings What Will You Play Viola
What Will You Play: Cello  
Join the School Orchestra Strings What Will You Play Cello
What Will You Play?
(Orchestra group vertical)

Join the School Orchestra Strings What Will You Play Group
What Will You Play?
(Orchestra group horizontal in city)

Join the School Orchestra Strings What Will You Play Group Abbey Road Style
What Will You Play?
(Orchestra group horizontal in grass)

Join the School Orchestra Strings What Will You Play Group Grass
Join the School Band Flute player
KSU WWYP: Clarinet
Join the School Band Clarinet player
Join the School Band Alto Sax Saxophone player
KSU WWYP: Trumpet
Join the School Band Trumpet player
KSU WWYP: Trombone
Join the School Band Trombone player
Join the School Band Tuba Sousaphone player
KSU WWYP: Small Group
Join the School Band sm group
KSU WWYP: Large GroupJoin the School Band lg group


"I Wanna Play" Stickers

Large, brightly colored stickers of each instrument: Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone. Can be used multiple ways. A popular use is to give the corresponding sticker to a student if they are easily able to make a good sound on that instrument after a demo/try-it. Students love stickers, the stickers help the student remember which instrument(s) they were well suited to and/or liked, AND  it is a great conversation starter between the student and parent/guardian when the student goes home with several big neon stickers on their shirt!
band orchestra stickers

Templates for Recruiting Letters

A series of letters which can be customized that educators can use to send communication home to parents/guardians about how to get started in instrumental music in school.

On Location Instrument Demonstrations (as requested*)

REW Music provides additional music educators to assist with instrument demonstrations and helping students to try each instrument.
*When schools can allow guests in the buildings again.

“Why Music Education?” advocacy monthly e-mail newsletter

A music education advocacy monthly newsletter. Unbranded, short segments include a fact with a link for further reading or media that supports the benefits of music education. This can be forwarded to the school secretary to include in the general school newsletter and is a great way to keep music education – and your program – in front of parents and students of all ages – from kindergarten up.

Online Enrollment HERE


  • Exploring Instruments Camp

    A hands-on, interactive, multi-day camp to help rising instrumental music students discover what instrument they like and what they may find the easiest to play. Each student handles each instrument for the entire instruction period, so they have the most in-depth opportunity for discovery and as much time with each instrument as possible.

  • Getting Started Clinics

    A FREE clinic to help students and parents get started with their newly chosen instrument. In the clinics, REW Music educators work with groups of like instruments to teach both the students AND parents how to properly disassemble the instrument, clean it, put it back together, and make the first sounds. These clinics help students learn to keep their instrument in great working condition, as well as enable faster progression when they get to class at school. Many times, students who have attended a Getting Started Clinic are then able to assist their classmates during the first classes at school.

  • Summer Beginning Band Class

    An introductory class for students with no previous experience playing their instrument. A jump start on fall band class, including extra time spent learning how to care for and maintain the instrument in good playing condition. This is a great opportunity for families who obtain an instrument before school starts, so students don’t develop bad habits from lack of instruction.

Instrument Rental

REW Music provides a quality rental program for students. Month-to-month rentals, no interest, maintenance included in monthly rental price, school preferred accessories, complete in-house repair service. Online rental options available summer & fall.



Instrument Care & Maintenance videos + accompanying printable guides
Step-by-step guided instruction how to clean and take care of your instrument to keep it in top playing condition.

Private Lessons
ALL instructors have at least one music degree. In-person & virtual options.

"Meet The Teacher" Private Instructor introductory videos
Learn about our teachers, as well as receive tips on current State Audition Music excerpts – recorded new each year.

Teacher Tips Videos
Our super team of private teachers has created short Tips and Tricks videos to help students at all levels improve instrument technique and practicing skills!

REW Music Festival
The REW Festival is an opportunity for ALL levels of students, beginner through advanced, to gain experience playing for others and receive feedback from respected local music educators. We put the focus on sharing music with others and ways to improve, rather than creating a scary formal performance environment. The Festival happens annually each spring.

Instrument Repair
REW Music is your one-stop shop for complete instrument repair. Our shop is in-house, which cuts down on repair time, and repair technicians are available to consult with about each instrument brought in for service.

Getting Started Private Lesson Special
Special deal for brand new students to take lessons at a reduced rate to help get started. No long term commitment required.

Music Folders (black)
REW Music is happy to provide concert black style paper music folders upon request. Each band or orchestra folder has a subtle music design to be interesting for the student, but from a concert audience perspective, it is a black folder that will not distract attention away from the musician.
REW Music pencils REW Music pencils

REW Music is happy to provide pencils that have good erasers for student/classroom use.
REW Music pencils

Lesson Posters
Tear-off design posters for students to easily access information about private lessons and REW Music instructors.

All Star Jazz Band (directed by Jim Mair in partnership with the Kansas City Jazz Alliance)
The All Star Jazz Band program consists of all star ensembles of standard jazz big band instrumentation. Musicianship expectations are high. Members of the ensembles are selected from the hardest working and most dedicated High School and Middle School musicians in the region. Aspiring All District and All State musicians are encouraged. Reading, improvisation and woodwind doubling are also an asset. Many past participants have met all of these standards.

Ukulele classes
Fun classes offered periodically for music lovers of all ages. Learn a new instrument or come to a continuing class to have fun learning more chords, making music, and singing songs.