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Band & Orchestra Recruiting Materials

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Learn About the Instruments!

Timbre Survey

The Timbre Survey is a listening activity where the students rate the instruments by the way they sound. The two examples played for each instrument are the same music and played in the same style. We did this so that students are comparing the sounds of the instruments and not the songs being played. This is a great launching point when picking an instrument!

    1. Print and distribute the Timbre Survey handout to your students. Click the image below to download the PDF document.
    2. Play the the Timbre Survey audio and have your students fill out the survey following the instructions given in the audio file.

Timbre Survey  

Instrument Tendency Survey

People who play a certain instrument tend to behave a certain way. Because all music directors know this, we thought there should be a survey identifying behaviors which tend to line up with certain instruments. After pulling our information from 3 different dissertations and other resources, we came up with this fun activity. It is designed to be filled out by the PARENT OR GUARDIAN observing their child's behavior. This is a great way to start conversations from student to parent or parent to director about instrumental music! This resource pairs with the Timbre Survey. From this, you can compare the two and have a good idea of what instrument a student may enjoy learning to play.

Click the image below to download the PDF document.

Instrument Tendency Survey

Survey Answer Keys. Click Here.